Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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GPS system is vulnerable to the solar activity  
Solar Activity
Solar Activity
Presnet GPS is susceptible to the solar activity. David L. Johnson who is a Director for National Weather Service said that activity of our sun has direct impact on GPS system. His speech was a result of research conducted by the National Weather Service in 2006/07.

He also raised concerns that world is becoming too dependent on GPS technology and that mass disruption of the GPS system may cause widespread problems. The Sun activity recorded on December 6th 2006 is a good example how systems may be affected. For example, many GPS receivers were getting inaccurate signals while others could not locate GP signal at all.

Solar Activity is cyclical in nature with the pick of activity occurring every 11 years, so next time we can expect something similar to December 6th 2006 will be 2017. However, occasional activity may happen any time.

Countermeasures are being developed to help prevent GPS system from being affected by solar activity. For example, GPS signal can be stronger as well as cleared out from any noise related to the solar activity.

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