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GPS Satellites in Block I segment  
Block I Satellite
Block I Satellite
GPS satellites are divided into blocks. Each block is a list of satellites that usually launched within certain time interval and hence block division. There are 4 different blocks. Below is the detailed information of each block for your reference.

Block I GPS Satellites were launched from 1978 to 1985 from Californian base Vandenberg AFB. Atlas rocket was used as a delivery vehicle into the orbit. Block I is also referred as the original set up designed and developed by Rockwell. All of the satellites in the Block I were orbiting in a circular 10,9000 nm orbits. There was 12 hours period with the 63 degrees of an inclination angle. Each of the satellites within Block I contained cesium and rubidium atomic clocks. Life expectancy of each GPS satellite within Block I was five years, however each of them performed better and longer time spans.

History of Block I GPS Satellites

SVN# Launched Usable Status Failure
1. 02/28/1978 03/29/1978 Not in service Onboard frequency standard failure in 06/17/1985
2. 05/13/1978 07/14/1978 Not in service Signal (L1) power permanently turned off in 02/12/2988
3. 10/06/1978 11/13/1978 Not in service Terminated on 05/18/1992
4. 12/10/1978 01/08/1979 Not in service Disabled on 05/01/1990
5. 02/09/1980 02/27/1980 Not in service Turned off on 05/11/1984
6. 04/26/1980 05/16/1980 Not in service Termined on 03/06/1991
7. 06/14/1983 06/14/1983 Not in service Failed to launch on 06/14/1983
8. 07/14/1983 08/10/1983 Not in service Set unusable on 05/04/1993
9. 06/13/1984 07/19/1984 Not in service Unusable due to end of life, was put into higher orbit on 06/20/1994
10. 09/08/1984 10/03/1984 Not in service Unusable due to end of life, was put into higher orbit on 03/26/1996
11. 10/09/1985 10/30/1985 Not in service Unusable due to navigation payload shutdown. It was put into higher orbit on 04/14/1994
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