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Ivan Getting Biography  
Ivan Getting
Ivan Getting
GPS was invented by two people Ivan Getting and his co-inventor Professor Bradford Parkinson. This bio reference is dedicated to Ivan Getting (1912–2003)


Ivan Getting attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he obtained Bachelor of Science in 1933 and Oxford University as a Graduate Rhodes Scholar in 1935.

Professional Life

Harvard University was his first stop in a professional career path where he worked on nuclear instrumentation and cosmic from 1935-1940. Later on he joined MIT Radiation Laboratory from 1940 to 1950 where he held such positions as Director of the Division, Associate Professor 1945 & Professor 1946. Later on he moved into defense field and was appointed Vice President for Engineering and Research at the Raytheon Corporation (1951-1960). In 1960 Getting became first President of the Aerospace Corporation (1960-1977).


First research project was one of the great importances for people of London. He designed first automatic microwave tracking fire control radar, the SCR 584. This radar was capable of detecting incoming missiles from Germany.

He was also an early proponent of GPS system and along with Professor Bradford Parkinson designed and engineered first such system for NAVY called NAVSTAR. Initial deployment of the system was to help guide Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to target areas in USSR.

His dedication to work on long range bomber capable of reaching USSR is credited in the reinstatement of the B-1 bomber funding by the U.S. Congress. B-1 is 1 billion dollars bomber most sophisticated bomber in existence today.

Latest work included intermediate-range ballistic missile Polaris deployed on submarines, high-powered chemical lasers, work on Mercury and Gemini space launch systems.

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