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Bradford Parkinson Biography  
Bradford Parkinson
Bradford Parkinson
GPS was invented by two people Professor Bradford Parkinson and his co-inventor Ivan Getting. This bio reference is dedicated to Bradford Parkinson (1935–,)


Professor Bradford Parkinson obtained his B.S. in Engineering from US Naval Academy in 1957 and after 4 years graduated from MIT with M.S. in Aeronautics. In five more years he completed Ph.D. Program from Stanford University.

Professional Life

Parkinson is credited with creating NAVSTAR which he ran from 1972 to 1978. His professional background in satellites implementation was gained while his work at the Raytheon Corp. As first acting manager he oversaw GPS implementation from conception till final implementation.


He is a professor at Stanford University and is working on Gravity Probe B project at the present time. He is also leading research done by the students in the field of GPS currently studying at Stanford University.

He is inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2004 . In the interview to PBS in 1998 he predicted that GPS devices will be in every car sold and he is pretty much right on the mark.

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