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GPS Related Acronyms  
GPS Acronyms
GPS Acronyms
GPS Acronyms mostly taken from applied science well before first GPS segment was put into place. Acronyms more commonly used in the science community but rarely understood by average person who is interested in the technology. This list is just a brief intro to most commonly used acronyms that are utilized in the many research papers and other technical literature which deals with GPS technology.

Acronym Meaning behind term
bps bits per second
BPSK Bipolar-Phase Shift Key
C/A Coarse/Acquisition
CS Control Segment
dBi Decibels, isotropic
dBw Decibels, watt
DN Day Number
DOD Department of Defense
DOP Dilution of Precision
ECEF Earth-Centered, Earth-Fixed
FOC Full Operational Capability
GPS Global Positioning System
HOW Hand-Over Word
ID Identification
IODC Issue of Data, Clock
IODE Issue of Data, Ephemeris
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSF Leap Seconds Future
Mbps Million bits per second
MCS Master Control Station
MSB Most Significant Bit
NSC Non-Standard C/A-Code
NTE Not-To-Exceed
OCS Operational Control System
PRN Pseudo Random Noise
RF Radio Frequency
RHCP Right Hand Circularly Polarized
RMS Root Mean Square
SA Selective Availability
SS Space Segment
TLM Telemetry
TOW Time of Week
TT&C Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding
UE User Equipment
URA User Range Accuracy
URE User Range Error
USNO U.S. Naval Observatory
UTC Universal Coordinated Time
WGS-84 World Geodetic System 1984
WN Week Number
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