Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Smart GPS Phones From Boost Mobile helps with Social Network  
GSP Social Network
GSP Social Network
With an array of smart GPS-enabled phones loaded with social networking software, Irvine, CA-based Boost Mobile is utilizing global positioning satellite technology to help young folks stay connected with each other.

Partnered with Palo Alto’s Loopt, Boost Mobile offers Motorola phones featuring zoomable GPS-enabled maps that pack the power of social networking into pocket sized cellular device. “When you open up the application, a map appears, and you’re able to see where your friends are and what they’re doing,” says Boost Mobile representative Cheri Quiqley. “Anywhere in the country – if you’re in L.A., and your friend’s in New York, you can see what they’re up to.”

It’s “location based,” Quigley told us. “What’s neat is you can physically see where your friends are at, and you can also set distance alerts for them, so when your buddy from New York is 25 miles away from you, you’ll get an alert…or if your friend in town is less than a mile away,” you can customize your alerts to accommodate him or her, she said.

Organizing events is also made easier with Boost’s smart phones. “There’s an events subsection of the application,” Quigley said. “It’s kind of similar to e-vites. You can send out invitations to events to your friends locally, so you’re not blasting out to your whole contact list, just to your friends in California – not your friends in New York.”

Yet social networking is just the tip of the iceberg with these amazing GPS phones. Like other Sprint Nextel GPS phones, all Boost phones offer TeleNav, featuring global positioning satellite map data and audible voice commands for GPS navigating in your car, truck, or SUV. “We’re on the Sprint Nextel network, so all of our phones are GPS enabled.”

Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel offering “pay as you go” cellular phone service to the 14-24 year demographic. This “lifestyle-based telecommunications brand” (according to info at Hoovers) boasts nearly 4 million subscribers and proprietary software developed in partnership with Loopt that is both practical and fun to use.

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