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GPS Navigation System Marketplace, Consumer Choice   
Navman N60i vs. Nuvi 660
Navman N60i vs. Nuvi 660
As GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Navigation Systems continue to get increasingly sophisticated (as well as more affordable), consumers looking to purchase a GPS Navigation system for their car or truck have more choices than ever. From the Bluetooth-enabled Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS Navigator and personal travel assistant that packs a ton of impressive features in a case less than an inch thick, to the Navman N60i featuring NavPix technology that displays actual photos of your destination, the GPS Navigation marketplace features a host of amazing products guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding GPS technophiles.

Assess Your Needs

Before you set out to make a purchase, it helps to ask yourself what you will be using your GPS Navigator for. Business people whose jobs require tons of travel may find a great fit with a handheld travel assistant and GPS Navigator like the Nuvi 660, with its up-to-the-second traffic alerts and 700 MB of free storage space (note that the Nuvi includes hardware for semi-permanent car mounting, should that be required.)

The Nuvi 660 is a good example of a GPS Navigation System and Personal travel Assistant that manages to “have it all,” including a generous 4.3” touch screen display, a super sensitive 12 channel WAAS antenna, and pre-loaded MapSource maps for all of North America as well as City Navigator software with street level maps and nearly six million of interest. Visual and verbal interaction are another part of the amazing Nuvi 660.

However, for many GPS customers, other navigator models are available that will more than meet their needs. Thankfully, products like the Navman N60i GPS Navigator serve up a ton of thrilling features for those who need state of the art GPS navigation and convenience but don’t need extras like the Nuvi 660’s Bluetooth capabilities. Even when purchasing a model at the lower price ranges, consumers don’t need to settle for less than what they require. Manufacturers have responded to improving technology and increasing customer demand by equipping some of their moderately priced models with features -- like voice interactivity and voice command prompts – that were once only available on higher-end GPS devices.

The Navman N60i is a fully-loaded GPS device offering industry-leading SiRF Star III signal acquisition, a 4.3” WQVGA touchscreen, along with NavPix technology, 2D and 3D views, and turn by turn voice prompts. The Navman N601 also includes a database will millions of points of interest (POI’s) for directions to hospitals, ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, and hotels, as well as the ability to add custom POI’s via a handy USB interface. All of these features, as well as an onboard digital camera and Lithium Ion battery come with the Navman 60i, as well as a one-year warranty and a price that’s considerably lower than the price of “all in one” devices like the Nuvi 660.

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