Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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GPS Jamming & Jammers  
GPS Jammer
GPS Jammer
First time GPS Jamming was mentioned widely was Iraq war when devices were employed to misguide GPS guided bombs. This is first time this type of munitions was used in the conflict and contra-measures against such munitions employed. At the end all so called GPS jammers were destroyed but non recovered. So it is still pretty much a speculation.

However, GPS jammers do exists. Many have been discovered by accidents. For example, malfunctioning TV antenna once caused problems with GPS signal and was recorded as jamming incident. Jammers usually emit signals that are stronger and potentially interfere with the GPS signal causing a misread on the coordinates.

GPS jammer can be a nature’s abnormality such as magnetic storms or solar eclipses that can interfere with the signal giving misread on the locations of the satellites. In case such things happens GPS is capable of correcting itself. Moreover, Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) was designed as early warning system to notify GSP users of abnormalities with the signal In case of the military, fall back procedures must be followed if such event occurred. Many times, GPS munitions which are equipped with laser guidance can be switched to a different mode and still strike precisely where needed.

GPS Jamming devices can be destructive not only on the battle field but in the field of civic use. It is speculated that jamming devices can be built at the laboratory and deployed within population areas. This way navigators so widely used in cars all over USA can be disoriented by these devices which may result in loss of time for ordinary people as well as business that use devices for various purposes. Moreover, if FAA is employing GPS devices for the guidance on the ground for the jetliners, major disruption in the GPS guidance at the major airport can case considerable problems. FAA is aware of the threat that GPS jamming devices may case and deploying countermeasures which suppose to ease public safety concerns at the airports.

The GPS jammers are illegal throughout the European Union. It’s certain that US will follow the suite, but global demand for such devices can spur development of the new devices in countries such as Taiwan and Far East where technology is available and expertise is accessible.

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