Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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History of GPS  
For many centuries humanity have been designing and developing techniques and tools to aid them in navigating mother Earth. Early on stars were used to guide travelers around the world, later on compass was invented that helped us navigate when stars are not visible and now satellites orbiting our planet provide us with GPS capabilities. History of GPS come as many advanced things of the past from military specifically from US NVAY and now consists of 24 satellite constellation.

With the launching of the first satellite by Soviet Union in the 1960s US NAVY started to work on early version of the navigation system designed to surpass all known navigational methods known at a time. As a result of intensive work two early systems were developed. One of them was called Transit. Richard Krischner was the designer of the system. In his final plan system consisted of 7 satellites and primary signal for the system was radio signal. He start this work in early 1964

The second GPS system was designed and engineered in 1967 and was called Timation. The main improvement over Transit was in the implementation of the atomic clock that gave much better accuracy.

With more money spent and more demanding requirements NAVY and US Air force decided to combine their efforts in GPS field and created the organization what is now known as NAVSTAR. System’s first 4 satellites were launched in 1978 and have recently been running on 24 satellites orbiting the earth. This quantity allows beaming to earth continuously GPS signals that are available throughout the year uninterrupted unlike earlier version of the same system when devices had to wait until signal could have been reacquired.

As anything that has military roots, GPS finally moved into private sectors. However, US Government would not release full capability of the system to the general public and provide signal that is accurate only up to 100 meters versus 10 meters that military uses it. There is specific signal introduced that creates this noise and distorting accuracy of the signal.

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